Monday, May 10, 2010

My Foray into Form-based RA, part I

I decided early on in the semester that I wanted to advise five readers for this project, and that I wanted to send "my" readers a questionnaire to gather information about their preferences.

The questionnaire I developed:
The questions below are meant to provide an insight into your reading experiences and preferences. I will use your answers to put together a list of 4-5 books (with descriptions) that I think you might enjoy. Most of the titles will be from genres you like, but I might throw in one book meant to stretch you a little.

1. On average, how many books do you read per month?

2. Who are your favorite authors? (Please list their names and say what it is you like about them.)

3. What authors do you least enjoy? (Please list their names and explain what it was you did not like about them.)

4. On a scale from 0 to 10 — where 0 means no interest and 10 means high interest — indicate your level of interest in the following genres:




Classic literature


Historical fiction (works of fiction set in a real time in history)


Literary fiction



Psychological suspense


Romantic suspense

Science fiction




Women’s lives and relationships

Young adult

Other: _________________

5. Of these genres, which one(s) are you most in the mood to read right now?

6. Have you read any graphic books? (These are fiction or nonfiction titles that generally use comic book-style storytelling. Examples include American Born Chinese, Persepolis, and Watchmen.)

-- Yes

What was your experience like and would you read another graphic book?

-- No

Are you open to reading a graphic book?

7. Are you sensitive to book length? If so, what is too long and/or too short for you?

8. Nonfiction fans: Are there any particular subjects you’re interested in reading about at this time?

9. Do you frequent your local library or libraries? If so, what is the name of the one you use most often? (When I select books for you, I’ll place a priority on titles owned by your library.)

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