Monday, May 10, 2010

Reader 1

I used the questionnaire for readers 1 through 4 because they were avid readers. Reader 5 is a reluctant reader, and I thought my form would overwhelm and/or confuse her, so I used a different info-gathering technique with her. Details on all readers are listed below.

Reader 1
A colleague of mine at Purdue, this reader revealed through his favorite authors that he liked what I would call business-related self-help books. He rated biography, classic lit, nonfiction, and two categories he created (relationships, business & history) a 5 or higher. Everything else he had "0" interest in. I made sure the lengths of my recommendations were in the 200-400 page range, and that they were books carried by Indianapolis Marion County Public Library. Bonus: three of the books I recommended were available as audiobooks, so I gave him those call numbers in addition to the hard copy call numbers for help with his long commute.

My recommendations for reader 1:
-- The Slaves’ War: the Civil War in the Words of Former Slaves by Andrew Ward
Reader 1 said on his questionnaire that he was most interested in American Civil War history, so I used the "Recommended Reads" feature in NoveList to come up with this book. I also e-mailed him NoveList's other suggestions.

--The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate by Gary Chapman
This book fits Reader 1's "relationships" category. I didn't use RA tools in this case. This book is my personal favorite on the topic, that's all.

--Super-Crunchers: Why Thinking-by-Numbers Is the New Way to Be Smart by Ian Ayres
Found this title while perusing lists of past ALA Notable Books. It sounded like something Reader 1 would like because he has a strategic planning position.

--212: the Extra Degree by Sam Parker and Mac Anderson
This was my choice for the business-related self-help category. I wasn't aware of any RA tools that covered this, so I ended up recommending a book that my vice president had suggest my division read. She said it's what Purdue alum Drew Brees uses in leading his New Orleans Saints teammates. (Reader 1 is not in my division.)

--American born Chinese by Gene Yang
Reader 1 indicated he was open to graphic novels, and I know he has a great interest in diversity issues, so I recommended this award-winning title.

Reader 1 sent me this feedback when I sent him his list of recommendations:
"Thanks, Emily! These look most interesting! I do use audiobooks (daily) so that extra information will be put to use. Thank you for this, I shall give you feedback as I finish each if you like."

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